Grass Fed Jerky Chews


Below are also a few snippets of what my customers have said about my jerky. To add your feedback, please contact me or write on my Facebook page.

Special thanks goes to Richard of Free the Animal and Joey of Sleep. Love. Eat, who both gave great reviews for my jerky! It was also recently picked by Paleo Magazine as one of the best Paleo snacks.

Sophia I just wanted to thank you. I received my order of your jerky today, and I instantly opened the pack and fell in love. I am a big jerky fan, well, actually a fan of good meats :). Bison, deer, and BEEF! This is honestly one of the best pieces of jerky I have ever had, and I eat a good amount of homemade deer jerky and other meat jerkys. Thanks again for the great service and jerky, I will definitely be ordering my jerky from you monthly.


Your Jerky chews are soooo good. I received them in the mail a couple of days ago and I can't stop eating them! Thank you.


LOVE your jerky! Having tried all 3 flavors, I love the spiced ones best :-)
I actually like the texture in that is isn't "soaked" in sugary fruit juice and preservatives....more chewy so it takes me a little longer to eat it and it isnt gone in 2 seconds! lol. I can actually TASTE the real beef flavor instead of a ton of salt :-)Thank... you for a pure quality product!


Sophia makes, hands down, the MOST OUTSTANDING jerky I have every had! Her recipe is a perfect mix of texture and taste. I have been on a quest to find some natural, grassfed jerky, and I am thrilled that I stumbled upon her website. Thank you for your commitment to our health. Good luck as you continue to grow your business. You certainly have my endorsement and support up here in Milwaukee!


The biggest endorsement I can give Sophia's jerkey is that it tastes like I feel beef jerkey should taste if it weren't loaded with all kindsa harmful preservatives. It tastes pure. I hadn't realized just how far away ordinary jerkey moved away from beef flavor till I tasted these jerkey chews. I've always loved beef jerkey but hadn't touched the stuff in 5+ years because the ingredients list horrified me. Now I've got no reason to fear one of my favorite snacks :)


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